Apps are cool but an Instant App is even cooler.

Instant apps are perfect for the quick to access and most relevant content immediately available to your followers from your instagram story, snapchat story, or facebook page. Instant apps also give your users all the benefits of an app that include mobile gestures, notifications and other native features without the hassle of downloading a full-scale app.

instant app mock

Lightweight & Flexible

Works and looks like an app

Instant apps use modern, responsive web technologies at their core and require no downloading and can be used offline. Your customers can interact with it at any time and once connected to the internet the app will update automatically.

Simple But Powerful

Takes half the time to build

Design can make or break a customer's ability to find what they need. With the flexibility of the web and using mobile-like features and interactions, our instant apps cater to the customer with state-of-the-art functionality and clean and simple design.

Social Media Friendly

Accessible where ever you are

No more asking your customers to download an app or visit a website. With an instant app your customer will get instant access to your products, promotions and latest news from any social media post.


Made For Any Company

We can provide proven conversion and engagement results to your customers who are often viewing your ads from mobile social sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Instant apps bring you instant checkout capabilities and instant product promotion capabilities right to your customer's fingertips with one click.

These bite-sized apps provide faster conversion rates up to 10x of what a full downloaded app will give you from a social media ad. Because these instant apps use web technologies they are fully indexed by search engine sites like Google and Bing. Get in on this cutting-edge technology before your competitors do!

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